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  4. Madobe Nanami is an "OS-tan" or mascot based off of Microsoft Windows 7. Her name is a wordplay; 窓辺 (madobe) meaning by the window, and ななみ (nanami) being a name derived from a pronunciation of seven in Japanese. When translated or said, it comes close to "By the window seven" or "Buy Windows 7".
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  12. ***Infographics***
  13. Pictures with text for visual learners:
  14. Yuujis Guide to Ricing Windows
  15. Firefox CSS Installation Guide
  16. Browser HTML page/Home page reference
  17. Win 7 Essentials
  18. Win 7 Essentials(free-er)
  19. How to "debloat" Windows 7
  20. /g/'s Firefox Guide (addons/extensions)
  22. ***Tell all guides + Tips***
  23. New to ricing? The following guides are required reading:
  25. Neiios "How to" on custom theme installation
  26. Windows Ricing Reference (By /wg/'s Syn)
  27. Seven Forums : Win 7 Tutorials
  28. Seven Forums : Optimize Windows
  30. ***Pages of Interest***
  31. Mirrors for random desktop stuff
  32. Github for !.pC/AHOKAg
  33. Github for Zixaphir
  34. Gist for !MaSoOdDwDw (twnsnd)
  35. Deviant page for !MaSoOdDwDw (twnsnd)
  36. Win 7 Start Orbs
  37. Win 7 Visual Styles
  38. Rainmeter Skins
  39. Icons
  40. Foobar2000 Skins
  41. Customize.org
  42. Colorhexa - search for color codes here
  43. Subtle Patterns - pattern templates
  45. ***Windows Software & Tools***
  46. /g/ Recommended Windows Software
  48. -Ownership and Resource hacking tools-
  50. Take Control: (Easiest way to "take ownership" of files, so you can replace your explorerframe, shellstyle, etc).
  52. Resource Hacker: A freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit and 64bit Windows executables and resource files (*.res). It incorporates an internal resource script compiler and decompiler and works on all (Win95 - Win7) Windows operating systems. Recommended for advanced users.
  54. Restorator 2007: Similar to Resource Hacker, Restorator allows modifying, adding, and removing resources such as text, images, icons, sounds, videos, dialogs, and menus in .exe, .dll, and .res files.
  56. UxStyle: Specifically, UxStyle consists of a tiny system service and a kernel driver that are loaded into memory where they hang out until reboot. No file system changes are made, so this method of theme patching may not work for everyone.
  58. Universal Theme Patcher: Replaces and backs up windows system files allowing you to use third party themes after a system restart. Mirror
  60. UxTheme Multi-Patcher: Same as Universal Theme Patcher. Only its not. Mirror
  62. Theme Installer: Software that will replace shell/theme files for you.
  64. -Dual Monitor Software-
  65. Software to help properly identify and place wallpapers on dualscreen setups, some providing additional features.
  67. Dual Monitor Tools Free and open source! Provides some window management, like launching applications with hotkeys and having them set to positions you have preconfigured. Works for wallpapers too!
  69. Display Fusion: Has a limited free version. Dual monitor taskbar support, wallpaper support, and some window management features.
  71. Multiwall: Just for wallpaper management. Can filter images, and you can even browse them via its built in website crawler. Also has slideshow/image cycling support.
  73. Ultramon: Not only does Ultramon provide you with better window management, it can also give you a "smart" taskbar, multi monitor support for wallpapers, VBScript and JScript support, along with custom display profiles.
  75. Actual Tools - Multi Monitor: With Actual Multiple Monitors you will get a fully functional taskbar onto each display. No matter which monitor you are working with - Windows 7 Taskbar features will be available anywhere.
  77. -Icon and Button Replacement Tools-
  79. 7tsp: "We wanted a simple way to customize Windows 7, so we created 7tsp. The patcher will back up the original (current) system files, and patch your Windows 7 with the items of your choice. There are official color packs available for download, in addition to some user created themes. It's possible to create your own custom Theme/Icon packs and apply them with the 7tsp GUI. Modifications can include icons, bitmaps, cursors, visual style, start button, side panel, logon screen, sounds, fonts, task manager colors, copy animation colors, and more." Requirements: Windows Seven Only. Resource Hacker has to be preinstalled on the system, or reshacker.exe has to be in the same folder as 7tsp.
  81. 7conifier: Similar to 7tsp, but just icons. Acting as an alternative to the paid stardock app "Icon Packager" with less features, this tool can replace Taskbar, Start Menu, Desktop and other system icons with custom icon packs. It comes with six icon packs out of the box (like token), but you can add more by searching online or making your own.
  83. Manual Library Icon Changer: A tool that patches imageres.dll bitmaps individually, making icon replacement in explorer faster and easier.
  85. Navigation Button Changer: Software that replaces explorer frame bitmaps and menu icons individually.
  87. Start Orb Changer: Software that replaces the "start" button bitmaps on your taskbar.
  89. Tray Icon Changer: Software that replaces bitmaps for volume, wifi, and the action center.
  91. -Taskbar Software-
  93. TbarMagic: Homemade program created to completely hide the taskbar and start button, with no gimmicks.
  95. Ultimate Taskbar Controller: Features options to completely remove certain elements of the task bar, and more.
  97. 7 Taskbar Tweaker: A more modern taskbar tool. Feature rich, and most of the configuration options it provides can’t be tweaked using the taskbar properties or the registry.
  99. TbarIconBlanker: As implied by the name, this application will disable icons that appear next to the name of tasks both on the taskbar, and favicons in the corners of your application windows.
  101. -Explorer replacements, Window decoration-
  103. QtTabBar: An extension for Windows Explorer that brings tabbed browsing to Microsoft's file browser, along with other features.
  105. Explorer ++: A replacement file browser, you can either install and use it exclusively or use it alongside the default windows explorer. Similar to QTTabBar, it brings features like tabbed browsing and even the ability to customize whats available to you in toolbars and menus. It boasts more features and is more lightweight than default Windows Explorer.
  107. Classic Shell: Free software that improves your productivity, enhances the usability of Windows and empowers you to use the computer the way you like it. It boasts a highly customizable start menu replacement, quicker access to frequently used files, its own indexing service, interchangeable start buttons, and toolbar and status bar modifications for Explorer windows.
  109. Nexus File: A file browser that offers FTP support, along with dual pane viewing - making it easier to copy/move files more effectively. It's also skinnable.
  111. True Transparency: An application that allows you to use PNG images to create skins used to change the transparency, and border effects of windows. Does not work on everything however, and can be unstable in Win7.
  113. Yz Shadow: Y'z Shadow attempts to enhance the looks of the menus and windows inside your operating system. It achieves this by adding shadows and transparency effects to all sorts of elements. It's a little glitchy with Windows 7, but you can add a customizable drop shadow to your task bar without much issue.
  115. -Workspace Managers and Window Management-
  117. Dexpot: Virtual desktop support (workspaces). Catalog windows, distribute icons, even have different wallpapers per workspace. Starter guide available on the website.
  119. VirtuaWin: Also creates additional workspaces. Usually used with a rainmeter skin to emulate tabbed workspace name look on unix systems. To download these skins, proceed to the rainmeter section.
  121. Winsplit: WinSplit Revolution is a utility which allows you to easily organize your open windows by tiling, resizing and positioning them to make the best use of your desktop real estate. The main domain recently went down and the link has been updated to cnet.
  123. AltDrag: Adds the linux-like functionality of holding alt to drag windows with the left mouse button. Great for those who choose not to use titlebars or window decorations.
  125. -Miscellaneous-
  127. carehart.org: A blog with a hearty list of file searching alternatives to windows indexing service. Also lists upload tools, FTP tools, and then some.
  129. NotePad++: A free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. A handy program to have around when you need to re-encode any configuration files.
  131. Sublime Text: A notepad replacement that makes coding/scripting easier by indenting and hilighting text based on language markdown/syntax. Somewhat skinnable. Will occasionally bother you about purchasing a licence.
  133. screenFetch and cmdfetch: Scripts that display information about the operating system; including shell, font, and visual style. CmdFetch is recommended for windows, as its friendlier with the OS and displays more information.
  135. AnimeRSS: A program that watches for torrent releases from specific sub groups.
  137. LICEcap: Simple animated screen captures for windows 7. In addition to .GIF, LICEcap supports its own native lossless .LCF file format, which allows for higher compression ratios than .GIF, higher quality (more than 256 colors per frame), and more accurate timestamping.
  139. GifCam: Exactly like LICEcap, except GifCam can create lower filesizes. You can add text, and delete frames as well. May be better if you choose to record animated video.
  141. ***Windows Tips + Tricks***
  142. Common, but sometimes less obvious problems some people run into when attempting to customize Windows.
  144. An image worth looking at for security on your PC and WiFi
  146. -Center Icons on your taskbar-
  147. Sevenforums.com : Tutorial - Center Icons
  149. -Changing Your Icons-
  150. The easiest way to change your program icons individually, without any tools or software, is to edit a shortcut. What I recommend doing is navigating to the programs root directory, and creating the shortcut there so there is no confusion. Creating a shortcut also gives you the added bonus of naming it whatever you want, and even setting launch options. Right click on the Icon>Properties>Change Icon. Use your desired .ico file. Pin this shortcut to your taskbar/start menu! For other icons (library icons, task tray icons) please see the windows software section for tools to help you change them. Its a lot faster and easier than going through registries and replacing files manually. Look for 7tsp or 7conifier for icon packs, and browse for icon packs in the Icon section!
  152. -Tclock-
  153. Tclock is a small program that lets you customize your Windows taskbar clock to your own font, size, and color. It has several additional features. This build works fine for Win7 SP1, Vista, XP, and now Win8: Download
  155. -A blank start orb-
  156. Use this template with the "Start Orb" changer found in Windows Tools section.
  157. El-chucklebuck : Blank Start orb template
  159. -Change Your Log On Screen-
  160. While you can do this through registry editing, I recommend trying 7tsp. Other Guides:
  161. Techspot.com : Logon Screen Guide
  162. To change the buttons:
  163. Techtipsgeek.com : Logon background buttons
  164. To change the boot animation:
  165. Intowindows.com : Win7 Boot Animation
  167. -Making sure your taskbar is aligned properly, and slim as possible-
  168. Ever install appows and notice the icons or the start orb seem to be a little misaligned? This is just a glitch with the taskbar that is easily solved by extending it. Unlock your task bar, and drag it to the top of your screen. You can do this by left clicking and holding the bar near the center, and moving it to the edges of the screen. Drag it to the top along the edges this way. Once its on top, hover over the middle of the bar near the bottom border until you see the resize option for height ?. Drag it down, extending it to double the normal height. Move it back down to the bottom of your screen, then size it back down using the same ? option. Lock your task bar. You should be at the correct size and alignment now.
  170. ***Theme/Visual Style Editing***
  171. Everything you need to start building and customizing your own Windows 7 themes!
  173. Mainly, you will be using the Ave Style Builder to create your windows visual style design. With it, you can not only skin windows, captions, and borders - but the taskbar size, color, and several other elements within explorer windows. All you need is an image editor (like photoshop) and some common sense. There are some more in depth tweaks that can be done by editing the registry, and shortcuts through Restorator and Resourcehacker than can make jobs like replacing fonts easier. If you get confused, or have a question, search the Virtual Customs Forums FIRST!
  175. -Aves Vista Style Builder- (Windows Style Builder)
  176. Software that allows you to edit themes (visual styles) on Windows 7
  177. Download - Guide - PDF - Getting Started
  178. (registration required to view links/images on the forums)
  180. -Hex Editing-
  181. Go deeper into editing your theme by changing seemingly hard-written windows code within the shellstyle and msstyle files!
  182. Hex Editing Tutorial : UkIntel
  184. -Change your Font Globally
  185. Virtual Customs : Change Fonts in WSB
  186. I recommend leaving some parts of the visual style as the default Segoe UI, since unicode with tiny bitmaps looks terrible and .ttf will produce bad font rendering (unless the quality is properly defined, and cleartype is off of course).
  188. -Remove the Folderband from ANY theme-
  189. Edit the shellstyle.dll in the Windows/Resources/Themes/"themename" directory with Resource Hacker. Enjoy.
  190. Askvg.com : How to make the Folderband auto-hidden
  192. -Remove the Address bar/Explorer bar-
  193. Using Style Builder, navigate to "Toolbars, Headers and Rebar > Rebar > NavBar > Basic > Base > Band" in the *.msstyles and adjust the "CONTENTMARGINS:MARGINS" to a negative value, as needed. Example: "0, 0, 0, -30".
  195. -Registry Editing-
  196. Additionally, there are a few more elements within explorer that can be restyled, or removed permanently when you edit the registry. Simply press WIN+R to open your run prompt, and type "regedit" to navigate the keys. These keys can toggle options already found within explorer menus, or can completely override the default and set negative values that remove elements - so be careful. Here is a list of basic elements you can remove to slim down your explorer windows, and customize menus. Everything is a separate link that will guide you to a tutorial about that element, and these guides also link to downloadable .reg files which are easy to merge with your registry, yielding instant results.
  200. Remove the Menu Bar (file, edit, view, etc)
  201. Remove the Library Pane (giant header in media folders)
  202. Remove the Navigation Pane (tree styled file browser)
  203. Remove or edit the Preview Pane (thumbnail preview of images)
  204. Remove the Details Pane (description on the bottom)
  205. Remove the Status bar (number of files on bottom)
  206. Add menus to Explorer (right click context menu on desktop)
  207. Speed up Windows (Shutdown and Startup times)
  209. ***Visual Styles***
  210. -Browse Dark Styles-
  211. Neiio : Appows 2010 Mirror:[link]
  212. Yorgash : Steam VS
  213. Nadir1 : Exon
  214. Ravmunken : Deshou
  215. Twnsnd : pix_ gray
  216. Krissirk : Shadow 7
  217. Juyle : Void
  218. Charleston2378 : Tavaris
  219. Solmiler : Placebo
  221. -Appows Peek Alternates by Monochrome-
  222. Straight borders with shadow
  223. No gradients and no shadows
  225. -Appows Dusk Alternate by Natsume- (updated 6/28/13)
  226. Features a smaller scrollbar, new frames, no transparency, no shadows, and a universal flat color.
  227. [link 1] - [link 2]
  229. -Browse Nude/Transparent Styles-
  230. Minhtrimatrix : Radiance
  231. Minhtrimatrix : Elune
  232. Solmiler : Glass Onion
  233. Giannisgx89 : Dream
  234. Kiko11 : Leve
  235. Kiko11 : Bello
  236. Dpcdpc11 : Leaf
  237. Ymme1st : Tulip
  239. -Browse Grey/Dark on White Styles-
  240. Snipes2 : Silica
  241. Twnsnd : Pix
  242. Bgjerlowdesigns : Celestica
  243. Aaron-a-arts : +1
  244. Kiko11 : Kombo
  245. Kiko 11 : Racy
  246. Kiko11 : Oscuro
  247. Oscuro Mod: Has sharper corners, and hides the min/max/close buttons.
  249. -Browse White/Bright Styles-
  250. Neiio : Case 7
  251. Technoseven : Milk
  252. Rudeboyses : Chill
  253. Neiio : Memento
  254. Msergt : Mild
  255. Chungkan : Coua White
  256. Kiko11 : Lucido
  257. Kiko11 : Puro
  259. -Browse Metro/Windows 8 Styles-
  260. Snipes2 : Static Mango
  261. Shelkadom : 4 Win8 Themes for Win7
  262. Exsess : Metro Lite Suite (modded from Shelkadom)
  263. Giro54 : Aero+
  265. ***Icons***
  266. To learn how you can use these icons, see the Windows Tips and Tricks section. For other icons, like library icons, there are some programs that will help you patch your files and save you a lot of time. Look in the Windows Software section. Additionally, there are a few icon packs you can patch automatically. You will need 7tsp and Reshacker, also available in the Windows Software section.
  268. -Icon Packs-
  269. Patching instructions/guide can be viewed here. Most packages are provided by "Ultimate Desktops" on Deviant unless otherwise noted.
  270. Faenza
  271. Variations
  272. Metro
  273. Pry
  274. Token
  275. Neiio : Tango (Gnomit)
  276. Neiio : Minium2mix
  277. Neiio : Blanked - blank icons used with iconpackager
  279. -Browse Minimal (Black&White)-
  280. Kiko11 : Chulos
  281. Chrfb : Ecqlipse 2
  282. Ipapun : Devine
  283. Darkdawg : White Pixel
  284. Ravmunken : Deshou - Part of the Deshou suite.
  286. -Browse Minimal (Colored)-
  287. Smuggle559 : Fudge
  288. Deep3sh : Minimal Colors
  289. Dakirby309 : Metro UI
  290. Jg-Visuals : Retrofukation
  291. Zen-nikki : Absolute 32
  293. -Miscellaneous-
  294. Noha-ra : 98 - Flattr edits. [Download]
  295. Kiko11 : Glyph
  296. Yankoa : Metro Station (white, blue, and black set)
  297. Lukeedee : Gallery
  298. Ap-graphik : Gallery
  299. Neteru : Nothing - Minimal bitmap font/text based icons.
  301. ***Color Palettes/Themes***
  302. Having trouble deciding what colors you want to use? Check out these websites/tools.
  304. Colorcop: Software that helps with finding colors on screen.
  306. Colorhexa: Search for color codes here. Will give you RGB/Hex/Closest web safe colors.
  308. ColorPic: Advanced color picker and mixer. Makes finding specific colors on high resolution monitors a little easier.
  310. Pictaculous: A website that pulls color palettes from images directly.
  312. Css Drive: Same as Pictaculous, with a bit more variety.
  314. Colr: Also pulls colors from images, but breaks it down to where you can select and search by a specific theme you choose.
  316. Adobe Color Wheel: Color picker that syncs between set modes.
  318. Paletton: Like the adobe color wheel. Can generate and share palettes.
  320. Colour lovers: Color palettes and trends
  322. 4bit Terminal Color Scheme Designer: Kind of a linux thing, but can help you out.
  324. ***Font Rendering***
  325. Fonts appearing to have a greenish tint or look blurry in Firefox/Bblean/Windows? This is due to an acceleration error, probably caused by subpixel rendering or fonts not being supported in smaller sizes. Windows Cleartype also causes issues with EVERY browser, and overall is complete shit compared to Linux or Mac/OSX font rendering. Read about Cleartype for details on how it works. Consider switching fonts if none of the fixes below work for you, or try and get a version of your font that is NOT ".tff" or true type.
  327. The best and easiest option in my opinion is to install Mactype or gdipp. These are services that replace Windows Cleartype font rendering with Mac/OSX or Linux font rendering. Mactype is more customizable and has bolder bolds, while Gdipp is easier to use and works immediately upon install. If you are using a bitmap font, font rendering is not necessary. Cleartype should be off and you should not need to use Mactype or gdipp. This is only true if you are using only bitmap fonts. If you are using a mix of fonts, I recommend Mactype since its easier to edit your exclusions.
  328. Go here for details.
  330. Recommended fixes for Firefox/Nightly:
  331. In Firefox, type "about:config" in the address bar and hit Enter. Continue after the warning.
  332. In the filter box at the top, type "gfx.direct2d.disabled". This value will be set to false by default.
  333. Right click that line and select Toggle. This will change the value to true. Restart Firefox. You may also want to toggle "Use hardware acceleration when available" in your Firefox settings. This is under Options>Advanced>General tab.
  334. Try the Anti-Aliasing Tuner too, if you feel the need for more tweaking.
  336. -Fonts in Bblean: Fonts in bblean are pretty much the same as how windows treats them. If they are rendering poorly, read some solutions below:
  338. Using this method you can redefine the font quality right within your visual style. Bitmap fonts should be "Non-AntiAliased". Sans fonts should be "Cleartype-Natural" or "Proof". This method is the easiest way to not only change all the fonts in your visual style, but ensure they will render at the best quality possible. If you choose to use a sans font, stick with the recommended fonts below and use LCD Default settings with MacType for best results. Keep in mind, some software (like ELPlaylist with foobar) defines font quality on its own, so you may need to change settings within the program. For more information on Font Quality options available, read about them here
  340. -Make sure you disable "smooth edges of screen fonts" in your windows performance options. This is a setting often missed. Just visit control panel> performance information and tools> adjust visual effects> visual effects tab> uncheck the option.
  342. -Edit registries to point to different fonts, disabling font smoothing. Go here for details.
  344. ***Font Recommendations***
  345. -Sans and Sans Serif Fonts-
  346. Fonts best used for general purpose and reading. Browse for more @ Fontsquirrel.com
  347. Read about Sans-Serif Fonts
  348. Calibri
  349. Arial (originally Helvetica)
  350. DejaVu
  351. Trebuchet MS
  352. Tahoma
  353. Verdana
  354. Source Sans Pro
  355. Ubuntu
  356. Roboto
  357. Droid Sans
  358. Open Sans
  359. Lucida Grande
  360. Liberation Sans
  362. -Monospace Fonts-
  363. Fonts best used in coding. Browse for more @ Fontsquirrel.com
  364. Read about Monospaced Fonts
  365. Consolas
  366. Inconsolata
  367. OCR-A Font
  368. Meslo
  369. Monaco
  370. Source Code Pro
  372. -Bitmap Fonts-
  373. Fonts best used in smaller sizes (8pt and under). Browse for more @ Dafont.com
  374. Read about Bitmap Fonts
  375. HaxrCorp (all variations included in download)
  376. Kroeger 5_55
  377. Proggy
  378. Pf Tempesta 7
  379. Profont
  380. Artwiz Font pack - Features several popular bitmap fonts.
  381. Cure.se - A version of cure that supports Japanese characters.
  382. Terminus
  383. Monte Carlo
  384. Berry - converted by anonymous (Shinryuu)
  386. ***Cygwin***
  387. (From wikipedia) "Cygwin is a Unix-like environment and command-line interface for Microsoft Windows. Cygwin provides native integration of Windows-based applications, data, and other system resources with applications, software tools, and data of the Unix-like environment. Thus it is possible to launch Windows applications from the Cygwin environment, as well as to use Cygwin tools and applications within the Windows operating context."
  389. Before you dive into Cygwin, you should ask yourself a few questions.
  390. "Do I have a basic understanding of how the Unix environment works?"
  391. "Am I literate enough in bash, and other scripting languages to understand how things work?"
  392. "Do I have any practical application or uses for what Cygwin can offer me?"
  393. "Do I have the capacity to look at an error, read it, attempt to understand it, an then research an error using google and forums/websites like ArchWiki?"
  394. "Do I have the patience to troubleshoot and solve my own errors without immediately asking for help?"
  395. If you answered "No." or "I don't know" to any of the previous questions, DO NOT INSTALL CYGWIN. You will spend two hours (literally) trying to install a bunch of shit you don't understand and have no use for. If you want to learn, use a VM (Virtual Machine) to install ubuntu (or another distro you're comfortable with) and start learning about GNU/Linux.
  397. Official Site - Installing and Updating - FAQ
  399. hal, with the help and encouragmenet of many others, created a repo on installing ncmpcpp on Windows 7 here. Yes, ITS FOR WINDOWS 7 ONLY - Don't go refering to this guide if you are using any Linux distro.
  401. ***Blackbox For Windows***
  402. Blackbox or BBlean is an alternative shell for Windows. It takes place of explorer and changes how Windows functions. Blackbox was originally a stacking window manager for the X Window System.
  404. -Getting Started-
  405. How To Install Blackbox
  406. How To Create A Style
  407. Basics
  408. Official Help Forums
  410. -Builds-
  411. Recommended for Windows XP and 7
  412. BlackboxZero Newest Releases - Github Repository
  413. Old Builds
  415. -Plugins-
  416. How To Load A Plugin
  417. How To Use BBInterface
  418. How To Use 3dcc
  419. Others - Unless otherwise stated, assume these are for x32bit builds ONLY.
  420. Please refer to the blackbox4windows forums for additional plugin questions.
  422. -Styles-
  423. Browse Blackbox4windows.com
  424. Browse DeviantArt
  425. Browse Customize.org
  427. -Settings and FAQ-
  428. If you are at ALL confused about how your settings should look, I encourage you to visit Github references:
  429. xDemonessx - Includes references for styles and .rc settings like menu.rc and bbleanbar.rc
  430. Bblean FAQ
  431. Visual Guide
  433. ***Cursors***
  434. -Minimal (Black&White)
  435. Akirafinn : Primus
  436. Outofashion : Token Grey
  437. Hitman7112 : Token Dark and Light
  438. Teft : Obsidian
  439. Firstfooter : Polar
  440. Killerbeat : Black Royale
  441. Drunkensandwich : Contrast
  442. Exesess : Metro
  444. -Colors-
  445. Ukintel : Aero 9 Colors
  446. Nait0 : NB Pack
  447. Efox-hun : Extenza Pro
  449. -Silly + Miscellaneous-
  450. Anime-rai : Miku Hatsune
  451. Strawberrydinosaur : Nyan Cat
  452. Cursed-midna : Pikachu
  453. Whitefox-freefire : Navi
  455. ***Music Players***
  456. Winamp - It just works. Has compatibility for most formats by default and is easy to customize. It's easy to achieve a simple, sleek, and minimal look. Great for beginners.
  458. -Browse Winamp Skins-
  459. Cyantific : Chiral
  460. X-spirit : Mindich
  461. Nylons : Exeed
  462. Wingnome-xp : Tango
  463. Krissirk : Play
  464. Dubbb : IVI
  466. Aimp3 - It just works. Has compatibility for pretty much every format out of the box. Offers a few plugins and is user friendly. Easier to customize than Foobar 2000, and has a standalone skin editor. A great option for those who prefer customizing skins with Photoshop and images rather than code.
  468. -Browse Aimp3 Skins-
  469. Scope10 : Aimp3 Ncmpcpp Mod
  470. Scope10 : Ladient
  471. Hiuhiu314 : Elegant Blue
  472. Yamshikoff : Metro for Aimp3
  473. Creative5 : Zune
  474. Merydev : Bezimeni1
  475. Merydev : Metalik Glass
  476. Redix90 : Epilogue
  478. Foobar2000 - (Probably)The most popular music player. Offers a large library of plugins, and the most diverse set of customizable skins. Panels in Foobar can also be scripted with Java. Recommended for advanced users. Looking for the Foobar 2000 Pastebin FAQ page? Click here.
  480. -Browse Foobar 2000 Skins-
  481. Twnsnd : Ncmpcpp Mod
  482. Alternative .fcl by Mez!!pDd+L0POgts
  483. Since this is the most popular skin, I've gone into some detail on how to tweak it to your liking. Click here.
  484. Hora-hora : Slim Foo
  485. Vibex : DSAS
  486. Noha-ra : Aubergine
  487. Steric : Absolute Glass
  488. Nadir1 : Foo Metrox II
  489. Mreikichi : Foo MN
  490. Thesmurth : Nightlife
  491. slowboyfast : SP8
  492. Lassekongo83 : FooBear
  493. Fanco86 : Monolite
  494. Aaron-a-arts : +1
  495. Mizule and Vasco - Some skins by a resident /wg/ poster, Sir John Lemon
  497. There's always iTunes too, if thats your thing!
  499. ***Image and Video Viewing***
  500. Pot Player
  501. Pix for Potplayer (skin)
  502. Pot Player can be more CPU intensive than most video players, but performs better with larger files as a result. It can also playback music, has a built in visualizations, and native support for subtitles.
  504. MPC-HC
  505. To change the ui, press "1,2,3" etc. It just works. (Video player)
  507. Ahoviewer A GTK2 image viewer, manga reader, and booru browser.
  509. IrfanView
  510. A lightweight program than can batch convert, optimize, and rename images. It can even play movies and sounds.
  512. Honey View
  513. The best option for image viewing in compressed archives (zip + rar), and ideal for Manga readers. Some skins are available on the webpage. Can default for JPG, BMP, and GIF. Note: As of the most recent updates, HoneyView no longer displays drop shadows and isn't as customizable - so be warned.
  515. First Impression (RIP)
  517. Thanks Yuno / !YanderexME for bringing this to my attention. The creator sadly died, and thus the domain and servers in relation to Impression Eyes with it. This download comes with a bypass for the trial version/activation servers.
  518. Lightweight and fast image viewer that has no visible/traditional ui. Images are viewed through mouse menus and hotkeys.
  520. JPEGView
  521. A lean, fast and highly configurable viewer/editor for JPEG, BMP, PNG, WEBP, TGA, GIF and TIFF images with a minimal GUI. The best option if you want your window decorations to match your Aero theme.
  523. stb-imv
  524. Lightest and fastest image viewer/browser inspired by vjpeg. It offers a very minimal interface, and the current executable is about 70KB uncompressed.
  526. ***Rainmeter***
  527. Website
  528. Note: I've attempted to split these by category, but most skins are suites that come with date/time/nowplaying. You can still edit out parts of each, and use these as a base to make your own. Keep it simple! Some of these skins may require you to extract them to your skins directory (no rmskinpackage). The default skins directory is: C:\Users\"YOURUSERNAME"\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins
  529. No spaceship HUDs, please!
  531. -System Monitoring-
  532. Dariosuper : Bricks
  533. Hora-hora : BB Bar
  534. Hora-hora : Syscombo
  535. xDemonessx : BB Rain Power
  536. Abu46 : Mii 7 Bar
  538. -Clocks/Date/Weather-
  539. Lilshizzy : Elegance 2
  540. Lilshizzy : Encoded
  541. Flyinghyrax : Elementary
  542. Iron200 : Minimet
  543. Hello-123456 : Pricedown
  545. -Now Playing/Music Skins-
  546. MadMilov2 : Music 1.2
  547. Lgv91 : Loita
  548. Toastbrotpascal : CLN
  549. Skypyre : Taboo Vision (Re encoded)
  550. Gazettefreak : Minima
  552. -Just Weather-
  553. xDemonessx : RetroMox (Updated)
  554. Jetpac : Weather
  555. Albinozz : ToxxWeather
  556. Flyinghyrax : Do I Need A Jacket?
  558. -For VirtuaWin-
  559. Read about the plugin here.
  560. Default - text only version.
  561. MonsterWM - an edit that adds pixel icons, like monsterWM. This skin is made for 4 workspaces, by childbearinghips.
  562. RainMonster - Vibex's edit that adds pixel icons, like above. This skin is made for 3 workspaces.
  564. -Miscellaneous-
  565. Google OS - A slick Google OS styled skin that completely changes the way your OS can look. A collaborative effort.
  566. Hekmatyar : Sword Art Online - HUD like interface
  567. Gin and Sean : Rainwaifu - Interactive "console" type skin with customizable pixel art and info.
  568. Shadow - Makeshift taskbar shadow.
  570. ***Rainmeter FAQ***
  571. Editing Rainmeter skins is easy when you get the hang of it.
  572. Here's some basic information for starters: Getting Started
  574. Q: I downloaded a skin for my music, but the music is not displaying. What do?
  575. A: It's probably not set for your music player. You need to edit the skin. Manage>Edit your skin>find the line where it says "Player Name" or "player" in the code, and enter the name of your player. Valid player names: iTunes, Winamp, Foobar2000. iTunes may require an additional plugin. The use of "CAD" (for foobar) requires an additional plugin (foo_cad.dll). Download it and place it in your components directory. You can substitute CAD for the normal player name, however you have to edit the plugin from foo_cad.dll in the skin to NowPlaying.dll.
  577. Q: Some of these dates/times aren't set in a format I like. How can I change it?
  578. A: Visit the Rainmeter documents on time formatting here, and read about "Format Codes".
  579. (Protip: These format codes also apply to the clock format in BBlean.)
  581. Q: How do I find my "Weather Code"?
  582. A: This depends on the skin. First, open the skin to edit it. Find the Weather measure (usually [mWeather] and see what the URL is. It would look like this -
  583. For Yahoo: http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?p=#WeatherCode#&u=#Unit#
  584. For Weather.com : http://xml.weather.com/weather/local/#WeatherCode#?cc=*&unit=#Unit#&dayf=6
  586. Click here and search by location name, not zip code.
  588. Additional Details and further explanation available via Rainmeter documentation (here).
  590. ***HTML Pages***
  591. Shourijo : Google Soft
  592. Ahoka : Start-Page - That pixely-square dial styled page made with javascript.
  593. benwaffle : Homepage - Ahokas dial-styled homepage page with more animations
  594. Ok100 : Python Home Page
  595. Folter-x - Like the python page, but uses html.
  596. Noha-ra : Konbanwa Light themed page with text that changes based on the time of day.
  597. Yukisuki: 4 squared flat and simple. Lets you "dial" between four main categories.
  598. gokoururi : homepage Flashy anime girls, with drop down selections
  600. ***FireFox***
  603. /g/'s Firefox Guide
  604. Install Greasemonkey
  605. Install Stylish
  607. Additional Addons and Extensions:
  609. DOM Inspector
  610. DOM Inspector is a tool that can be used to inspect and edit the live DOM of any web document or XUL application. The DOM can be navigated using a two-paned window displaying a variety of different views on the document and all nodes within.
  612. UI Fixer
  613. Change location of Status Bar Icons, Firefox Menu Button and Menu Bar and more.
  615. Hide Caption Titlebar Plus
  616. Maximize your screen space by controlling the presence of Firefox window Title-bar (Caption) and borders! Hide FF's caption with 'smart' options, *optional* custom caption and resizers. - Works with ChromiFox-like themes.
  618. Tree Style Tab
  619. Moves and creates tree style tabs on the left or right side of the browser, versus the top or bottom.
  621. Tabs in Titlebar
  622. Moves tabs into the titlebar in a normal (restored) window. Make sure that 'Menu Bar' is hidden and 'Tabs on Top' option is selected. You can access these options by right clicking on a toolbar in Firefox.
  624. Theme font and size changer
  625. Theme Font & Size Changer lets you change the global font size and font family used for the user interface in Firefox. Design your browser with your favorite font. (WILL OVERWRITE YOUR CSS)
  627. Custom New Tab
  628. An easier way to set your "new tab" page versus dealing with about:config. Also gives you the option to "focus" on the url bar as soon as you open a new tab, so you can type and immediatley search/enter a url without clicking.
  630. Anti-aliasing Tuner
  631. May help adjust bad font rendering.
  633. Fullscreen toolbar hover
  635. Nightly Tester Tools
  636. Advanced tools for Nightly users
  638. Browser Toolbox
  639. Helps with inspecting elements in the newer versions of firefox. A valuable tool when creating browser styles.
  641. HTTPS Everywhere
  642. Forces the use of "https" secure connections whenever possible.
  644. ***FireFox (Browser) Css***
  645. Read about Cascading Style Sheets
  646. Learn to write your own CSS
  647. Firefox Stylish and CSS Guide
  649. -For Firefox 28 and below-
  651. Once installed, make sure you use UI Fixer (see additional addons above) or FireFox's built in customizing menu (right click > customize on main title bar) to drag the elements you want to keep or move around. The url bar should be dragged up top to the title bar alongside the tabs with most of these styles in order to achieve the slimmest look. Drag all elements and buttons from the navigation bar before removing it. I recommend you place your addons in the addon bar if you want to access them later.
  653. More resources on creating your own css here: /g/ Wiki : Firefox Ricing - Mozilla Dev : CSS Reference
  655. Ahokas for Appows - Super slim and the most common.
  657. Seaweeds for FX Chrome - Makes the tabs look chrome-ish, managable not-super-slim CSS thats more on the functional side yet still manages to be somewhat minimal. Good to use with Chrome-fx and aero themes.
  659. !//S..MYON.s (Puffins) - Another take on what Ahoka authored.
  661. Shiros CSS - bright themes suggested.
  663. HDNIs "Fleche" - see under Firefox in the readme.
  665. Nohas transparent CSS - and a Preview.
  667. More versions of Ahokas for Appows - [1] - [2]
  669. -For Firefox 29 and up-
  670. Australis is here! For those pro-Australis who want to keep a similar userchrome css that they had prior to the update, or maybe try something new, please see below.
  671. Winaero.com : Get back the classic Firefox interface
  672. If you are using Firefox with an alternative shell (like bblean) and getting issues (like tabs not closing) try running Firefox in Windows Vista Service Pack 2 compatibility mode. Alternatively, you can downgrade Firefox to a previous verision (below verision 25). As of more recent updates, the tab bug is gone.
  674. "I don't want to use a classic theme restorer to go back to the way it looked before. I would like to move forward, and create a new personalized interface."
  675. How can I modify the new Australis UI with userChrome.css?
  677. -Dark Userstyles-
  679. Projektile
  680. twily
  681. Anonymous
  683. -Light Userstyles-
  684. Glass
  685. Melbourne
  686. Tinycss
  687. Shiro: A derivitive/fork of Nohas Melbourne, which replicates the css from FF28.
  689. -CSS Snippets-
  690. Some solutions to common questions and issues with browser CSS may be reviewed at the following link. Please read the commented lines "/* */" for details about what each line does. Click Here.
  692. ***4chan Userstyles + Userscripts***
  693. What is a Userscript?
  694. A userscript is a piece of JavaScript code executed on a webpage. Primarily it modifies the behavior of a webpage, but certain parts of the webpages appearance may be altered.
  696. What is a Userstyle?
  697. Userstyles allow the user to customize fonts, colors, positions of links in the margins, and many other elements of a webpage. This is done through custom Cascading Style Sheets more commonly refered too as "CSS". For more information on CSS, please see the following links:
  698. Read about Cascading Style Sheets
  699. Learn to write your own CSS
  701. -AppChanX-
  702. Userscript and Userstyle
  703. Appchan is a 2 in 1 userscript and userstyle, forked from 4chanX. It offers the most variety in options, and is easier to tweak and manage. A good start for beginners. If you have 4chan X already, disable or uninstall it. Appchan X has a custom version of 4chan X that comes with it and it will break if another 4chan X runs in parallel with it. If you have a userstyle or userscript that themes 4chan, you may want to disable it or disable Appchan X's style setting.
  705. 4chanX(Discontinued)
  707. Forks of 4chanX:
  708. loadletter 4chanX Continuation of MayhemYDG
  709. ccd0s 4chanX For Oneechan
  710. Ahokas 4chanX v2 For 4chanSS
  711. Ihavenoface 4chanX
    For custom userstyles (Imouto)
  713. -Userstyles-
  714. 4chanSS By Ahoka
  715. Stiling, Stilfuld, Svalish By RiDeag
  716. Zairyou a Stillig fork by commit-sudoku
  717. Ribbon and Clean By hdni
  718. OneeChan By Seaweed, continued by Nebukazar
  719. Easymode By offlineric
  720. Imouto By Kori
  722. ***Window Managers & Other Windows Shells***
  723. For advanced users who are confident in OS modification and ideally Linux literate.
  724. Full Documentation is available on the webpages linked.
  725. What is a "Window Manager?": Wiki : Window Manager
  726. What is a "Windows Shell?": Wiki : Windows Shell
  727. Seven Forums : Windows Shell Replacements
  729. -Window Managers-
  730. WindAwesome
  731. Bug.n
  732. Vibex : qt.pi - A WM written in AHK.
  733. ragesalmon : TildePlusPlus - A WM similar to qt.pi, but written in C++
  735. -Windows Shell-
  736. Litestep
  737. Emerge
  738. Bash (Windows port)
  739. Zsh (Z-shell for Windows)
  741. ***Auto Hot Key Scripts***
  742. Website - Tutorial
  743. Auto Hot Key allows you to program hotkeys, and keystrings, and commands in an easy to understand format. You can then run these scripts on windows by compiling it (creating a .exe) or running it directly through Auto Hot Key (running as .ahk). It's been most commonly used to "tile" or manage/resize windows, but has several other uses. You can remove borders and captions from windows, set up keystrings (i.e.: ty becomes "thank you" automatically), and even launch programs. It saves time, and its great for those who use long passwords or want a more efficient way to manage the way Windows functions.
  745. Miscellaneous Software
  746. The following website lists a TON of neat little applications that can do anything from tile windows to add custom toolbars in explorer and even move inactive windows. No promises they all work as intended, as its kind of outdated, however some are priceless pieces of simple code that you will use every day.
  747. Skrommel : 1 Hr Software
  749. Miscellaneous Scripts
  750. Spoonm's Scripts - Some noteworthy scripts with documentation.
  751. Screen Capture - Using IrfanView, this script instantly saves a dated .png of your desktop once you press "print screen" to the directory of your choosing. Simply edit the directories in the script!
  752. Remove Window Titlebars + borders (only created windows/newly opened)
  753. Remove ALL Window Titlebars + borders
  754. Removes ALL Window Titlebars + borders (EXCEPT FIREFOX/NIGHTLY)
  755. Customized Version - for removing borders and titlebars for processes of your choosing.
  756. Caption/Titlebar Toggle - Win + H to disable and Win + S to re-enable captions/titlebars on windows of your choosing.
  757. Icon Blanker - Removes the small icon/favicon on the top left of the program window.
  759. "Tiling" Scripts
  760. Goweiwen Scripts - Adds mouse controls to move and resize windows, while snapping to a preset grid or nearby windows.
  762. Vibex(1920x1080 DUAL SCREEN) - Preview
  764. ***Tiling Windows***
  765. When creating your own Auto Hot key scripts (like those above) these variables defined below will help you determine how windows are sized. For example:
  766. "WinMove,A,, W,X,Y,Z"
  767. Where
  768. W= Distance of the window from the left side of the screen
  769. X= Distance of the window from the top of the screen
  770. Y= Total width of the window
  771. Z= Total height of the window
  772. Like so:
  773. NumpadHome:: (defined hotkey)
  774.             WinMove,A,, 20,29,1024,512 (defined window size and position)
  776. A list of programmable keys and their names can be found here.
  778. Alternatively, you may want to try the following:
  780. Winsplit
  781. WinSplit Revolution is a small utility which allows you to easily organize your open windows by tiling, resizing and positioning them to make the best use of your desktop real estate. The main domain went down recently and has been replaced with a cnet download.
  783. Grid Move
  784. GridMove is a program that aims at making windows management easier. It helps you with this task by defining a visual grid on your desktop, to which you can easily snap windows. This program comes bundled with some predefined grid templates, that can be easily swaped, but also has ways of creating custom grids or sharing grids made by others.
  786. ***Docks and Launchers***
  788. Launchy
  789. Launchy uses keystrokes to find and launch programs/files it indexes. The website asks for payment/donation, but it's free. Skins available on the website, and DeviantArt. Highly recommended.
  791. Rocket Dock
  792. One of the older and more well known docks. Probably the best alternative to Docky for Windows users. Features listed on the website.
  794. ObjectDoc
  795. Another older more well known name to docks. Free, but with limited functionality.
  797. xWidget
  798. XWidget is more of a platform for customizing widgets and addons to your desktop, like clocks and weather.
  799. XLaunchpad allows you to organize icons and shortcuts on your desktop in stacks, similar to App folders on an Android interface. XLaunchpad is probably the best option for users on a touch screen.
  801. Nexus
  802. The closest thing to a Mac/OSX dock you can find. Full/Ultimate version requires payment, however.
  804. xWindows
  805. Another Mac/OSX type dock. This one is free.
  807. SliderDock
  808. Flashy UI, and larger than most - but offers something different. Can be hidden with hotkeys.
  810. CircleDock
  811. Another large and intrusive dock, with a flashier UI. Can be hidden with mouse gestures.
  813. ***Chat Clients (IRC)***
  814. Irssi - top rice
  815. Hexchat - easy mode
  816. Weechat - somewhere inbetween
  817. mIRC - original gangster
  819. Before joining any channels, you should read about some basic chat etiquette. Refer to: thinkmoult.com/irc.html
  821. -Browsing and Joining Channels-
  822. You can contact some lurkers and frequent posters on irc.rizon.net - /list will give you a list of channels. There are some common sense channels you can join such as #4chan, #/a/, #/v/, and #/jp/; however each channel has their own sub culture and specific rules. Don't take it personally if you get kicked, banned, or muted in a channel when you're new. Some channels are also private (unlisted) or passworded. Some channels may also require you register a nickname to join. You probably shouldn't try joining a channel you are completely unfamiliar with. For more irc basics and commands, please use www.google.com. I don't mind answering stupid questions sometimes, so you can message me (xDemonessx). I'm on 24/7 and on several channels, and even though I may not always be at the computer I will respond eventually. Stay drama free, and have fun.
  824. ***Steam Skins***
  825. Steam skins are made up of .style stylesheets (similar to css) and .tga images. Editing the colors and fonts is done through the style sheets, some buttons and icons require you to edit an image in a proper format. Be aware, skins tend to break often with updates and you may need to patch it yourself.
  827. That Minimal Skin - Yep, here it is!
  828. Metro for Steam: This steam skin allows you to customize the accent color in the form of a stand alone "settings.exe" found on the metroforsteam page.
  829. Deshou Steam - Another minimal skin, uses Haxrcorp s8 as a base font.
  831. ***Vectors and Wallpaper websites***
  833. Reverse Image Search:
  834. Google Images
  835. Tineye
  836. Saucenao
  837. iqdb.org (for anime)
  839. Wallpapers/General:
  840. /wg/
  841. Alpha.wallhaven.cc
  842. 4walled.cc
  843. Simple Desktops
  844. The Paper Wall
  845. Interfacelift
  846. Nik.bot
  847. Wallz
  848. Walldash
  849. Wallpaperswide
  851. Vectors/Anime Wallpapers:
  852. /w/
  853. Konachan
  854. Danbooru
  855. Gelbooru
  856. Yande.re
  857. Vectorbooru
  858. Minitokyo
  859. Deviant Art
  860. /w/ Deviant Art Group
  862. ***Credits***
  864. Original website design by Mavanmanen
  866. 4chan.org /w/ - /wg/ - /g/
  867. Super Special Thanks: pitkon, diabol, mojmir, and rtv for reviving the blackbox community and development.
  868. Special Thanks: Ahodesuka, MayhemYDG, Zixaphir, Seaweed, and all the contributors of 4chan extensions, scripts, and styles.
  869. Thanks: Synie!AthenaXcXo/Syn!DelRey778s, for creating the original Pastebin guide on /wg/
  870. Original Inspirations: Anonymous, Ahoka, GET9, Lullatone, Masood, Pufin, hora hora, and Windows 7 ricers everywhere
  871. DeviantArt Designers: neiio, kiko11, hora hora, brsev, Scope10, and more.
  872. DeviantArt Programmers: Kishan-Bagaria, parassidhu, Mr-Ragnarok, and more.
  873. Contributors: Anonymous ; Räv!MUNKEN0z/s ; Mono!X.FuJiWarA ; Yuuji!ZzSakai1/g ; Vibex!FL2K7hnbFY ; Mez!!pDd+L0POgts ; !YanderexME ; hal ; kori ; !RiDeag ; Scope10 ; Lullatone!ajtiI.Vexs ; and additional faggots and tripfaggots alike! Thank you, friends!
  878. View the website on Github
  879. Report an issue/make a suggestion
  880. Contact Me